Tuesdays are blue and the 3 is a thin green line. Minimal Electro looks like a painting from Kadinsky and C-Major is definitely yellow!

Such bizarre connections are for some people totally normal. As well as how and where they see it. But from a neutral perspective it is a mere mystery. Synesthesia, how this neurological condition is called, is inherent. Each Synesthete is unique, no one sees or feels the same way. It has always been a big challenge to make non-synesthetes understand where these colours pop up – what a synesthete sees or feels excactly. To explain this phenoenon on a scientific basis is the goal of many research centres around the world. Until then, we can try to open this topic to public in a more playful way. What about using creative tools to explain a visual or auditive phenomenon?

I’m looking for artists, designer or enthusiastic creative people that want to create a work in dialoge with a synesthete.
The type of work is totally free. My only requirement, is that you establish a partnership with a synesthete in order to visualise (in the form of a piece of work) his subjecive way of seeing the world.

Interested? The project description and the call for artists as pdf: Call For Artists

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