About the project

An exhibition of works by artists from all around the world will be the centre of a cultural event about synesthesia, that will take place in Berlin in March/April 2012. For that project the artists work over a period of 3 months in an intense dialogue with a synesthete. The exhibited works will give insight into the synaesthetic world of perception from the very unique and subjective perspective of the individual artist.

Synesthesia isn’t just one weird way of seeing, hearing or smelling the world around us. Every synesthete has his very own way of experiencing a colourful or somehow exciting world. This is the point where my project focuses on. The diversity of experiencing synesthesia.

To show this diversity, a varity of works will be exhibited. Artists (preferably non-synesthetes) enter into a intense dialogue with synesthetes for that project. The output will be an artwork or media installation visualising a very specific and subjective version of synesthesia. The process of working together will bring up many questions. Questions that can lead to anwsers presented to the visitors or questions raised and still left unanswered to the public.

This experimental approach gives the visitor the chance to let himself in for the artist’s interpretation and get to know a new and extended way of perception – a word of perception, that goes beyond the common idea of it. The authentical visualisation of the synesthetical perception thereby plays a minor part, the dialogue of the participants is center stage and the impact that the visualisation and interpretation of the individual synesthete evokes in the beholder.

Over the last years, this phenomenon has been intruduced to several magazines and  talkshows on the Radio. Still it is only known to a relatively small percentage of the population. This exhibition will make the topic public and connects the recent scientifc evidence in the field of neurology and psychology with a wider interpretation from the art world. Besides displaying synesthesia in all its facets, the human perception in general will be scrutinised and qualified.

The extensive and diversified programme framing the exhibition, will offer all interested parties access to this phascinating human phenomenon. Including documentry film screenings, talks and live-acts from synesthetes working as media artists. Official Partner of this project is the collective ProjektionsArel e.V., a non-profit ogansation focusing on cultural media activity since 2005.

The exhibition will take place from the 31st of March until the 9th of April in the creative hub Panke e.V. in Berlin. (Gerichtstraße 23, Wedding, 13347 Berlin)

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