While enjoying the exhibition with a fine drink and listening to the warm saxophone sounds of Max von Mosch, there will be the chance to take part in the participatory performance of the Artists Lori Esposito & Duane McDiarmid in the evening.

Later on, we will celebrate the opening with the concert of Juli and Abby Lee Tee. Quendolin Fender and Jinx&Fender will let us dance trought the night.




20:00 Opening of the exhibition with musical delights from jazz saxophon player Max von Mosch
Artworks from: Irene Izquierdo, Duane MacDiarmind & Lori Esposito, Constantin Scholz, Loki English & Bram van der Poel, Daniel Djamo and David Szauder
22:00 Participatory Performance “Choreography of objects: red downward pressure is A” by the artists Lori Esposito & Duane McDiarmid.
24:00 Konzert von Julie & Abby Lee Tee – nu-jazz • pop • soul • trip-hop
1:00 Party mit u.a. Quendolin Fender und Jinx&Fender – funk • soul • afrobeat • rap

Dress up and join the show!

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